Nkeze MBONWOH | 17-08-2017 14:05

Already less than 20 percent to finish, the journey from Kumba (Meme Division) to Mamfe (Manyu) is much comfortable passing through Nguti (Kupe Manenguba) now.

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“The South West inhabitants could never be happier without a good road linking its six constitutive administrative units”, an authority of the area recently voiced during a public meeting. Today, no commuter can deny the fact of a bitumen (tar) road now connecting Limbe (Fako) through Kumba (Meme), Nguti (Kupe Manenguba) and Mamfe (Manyu). Four of the six administrative units in the South West are now linked by an all-season road.

 Hope is also rife to link, in no distant future, another Division, Ndian, to Meme as the Loum-Kumba-Ekondo Titi-Mundemba-Akwa road construction project has begun with the Kumba-Ekondo Titi portion last June, 2017. Another hopeful road project joining Manyu and Lebialem Divisions from Bakebe through Menji to Dschang is promisingly in the pipeline with three firms already running the race to win the contract.

 The Kumba-Mamfe road is, today, a reality. A passenger can today take a rendez-vous from Kumba to be in Mamfe in two hours as against a whole day’s journey in the past. Inhabitants of the zone pierced by the road can happily remain in their villages and develop themselves. For example, the cocoa, cocoyam, plantains and other food and cash crops of Mbakwa Supe, Manyemen, Nguti, or Bakebe as well as other roadside communities find ready market without any stress to head-load them on far distances.


Mbaga Gomer: “It Takes 45 Minutes From Mamfe To Ekok Unlike One Week In The Past”

Divisional Delegate of Public Works Mamfe (Manyu)

We are on the Bamenda-Mamfe-Ekok-Enugu road. At what stage is the road this end of July, 2017?
 The road was technically received in June 2016 especially the Bachuo-Akagbe-Mamfe-Ekok stretch. This means that it is a completed job. Works on the Mamfe-Bachuo Akagbe was rehabilitation and Mamfe-Ekok was construction. We are currently observing the road to see what damages occur there within one year. The contractor is on the site now doing certain repairs. We had a meeting last time, visited the road and we made some observations. We prescribed some works for the contractors to do this July.

 Are the contractors respecting the specifications of the job?

The works began in 2001. It is true that the cry of Cameroon now is that we are not respecting the technical specifications. That is why we have a period of observation in the contracts to see what has happened to the road. According to what we saw they were doing, they do respect the specification of the technical book that we call the bible of the road which is CCTP. The base, the foundation and all the layers, I think the depth of five centimetres was respected. This road is Trans-African road. It is helping Nigeria and Cameroonians to be exchanging goods. It has facilitated Cameroonians to be moving from one point to another. You knew the troubles we were having from Mamfe to Ekok. We were having like one week to reach Ekok but now we are taking 45 minutes. We are having exchanges with Nigeria which is helping our economic relationship. Nigeria is benefiting from Cameroon and Cameroon is befitting from Nigeria. In a few minutes we are in Nigeria and in few minutes, they are in Cameroon.

What is the level of traffic on this road?

For now, it is good that we make traffic study because what I am seeing is above what I am expecting. We were thinking that the road will be just for us like Manyu and may be Bamenda people but the way Cameroonians are plying this road, obviously, is above the expectations. Before we were thinking that oranges that we are having here in Manyu, we are selling in Bamenda and Bafoussam and so on. But now we are seeing trucks of oranges coming from Nigeria. That means Nigerians were just waiting to see this road to enter into Cameroon to come and sell oranges. And we are seeing too how tomatoes are going to Nigeria. That means the exchanges are high.

What other thing do you like the people to know about this road?

The advice that I can give is that we have suffered a lot to see this all-round road. Let us protect this road. I call the attention of especially the drivers. The way they are loading their trucks, let them respect the tonnage. The people that are farming along the roadside should know that the fire they are putting there will affect one way or the other the tar. Even the refuse that they are dumping in the gutters let them know that when water will carry it on top of the road, the road will be destroyed. We are using water to make the road but water is the first enemy of a road. Let Administrators be hard on road users to see that the law is implemented. If we have to send somebody to court, let us send him to court. Let us not be receiving bribe because somebody is passing with his load and we need money. There is a weighing bridge to help us but since we have the problem of light in Manyu, sometimes the power will not be available and the trucks will be passing unchecked.