Brenda Y. NCHEWNANG-NGASSA/Cameroon-Tribune

Through the partnership, farmlands will be arranged for youths to carry our cultivation.


Efforts to create more jobs for youths in the country have taken a more concrete turn. Last Friday, December 11, 2015, the National Civil Engineering Equipment Pool (MATGENIE) and the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development (NCSAPD) signed a convention through which Matgenie is going to use its mechanical equipment to facilitate agricultural projects for youths in all the ten regions of the country.

While signing the convention, the Director General of Matgenie, Niwa Long Othon said following government solidarity, Matgenie is going to use its mechanical equipment to facilitate the accessibility of certain farmlands which will be used by youths in the country. 

Noting that Matgenie has the required tools, Niwa Long Othon said they are going to prepare and build spaces for cultivation especially in forestry and savannah areas. As such, Matgenie will cut trees as well as level certain areas so that youth groups will come in and make use of such lands thereby empowering them as development agents.

NCSAPD General Manager, Taossi said the convention will establish a support mechanism for the populations, particularly youths to create wealth through socio-economic integration. Mr Taossi said the project will not only develop youths in the rural areas but will also discourage rural exodus. According to the General Manager of the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, his institution has gone through the training of youths as volunteer farmers in different fields and now they are entering a different phase of the project in which they will provide farmlands through which these youths will carry out farming on any crops of their choice. This is to enable them positively contribute to an emerging Cameroon by 2035.


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Vendredi dernier 11 Décembre, 2015 le Parc national du matériel de génie-civil(MATGENIE) et l'Agence de Service Civique National et de Participation au Développement ont signé un accord par lequel le MATGENIE utilisera ses équipements mécaniques pour faciliter les projets agricoles menés par les jeunes dans toutes les dix régions du pays.

En signant la convention, le directeur général de MATGENIE, Niwa long Othon a indiqué que, conformément à la solidarité gouvernementale, le MATGENIE va utiliser ses équipements mécaniques pour faciliter l'accès à certaines terres agricoles qui seront utilisées par des jeunes dans le pays.

Notant que MATGENIE dispose des outils nécessaires, Niwa long Othon a indiqué que l'entreprise préparera et construira des espaces pour l'agriculture, particulièrement dans les zones forestières et les savanes. -