Victorine BIY NFOR National Economie


Government is working to have the platform operational in all regions by the end of this year.,” the online business registration website that has been functional in the cities of Yaoundé, Garoua and Douala will be operational in all the 10 regions by the end of this year. The Minister of Small and Medium-size Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, made the disclosure at a press conference in Yaounde yesterday August 1, 2016.

He revealed that government was laying the groundwork for business persons in other cities to register their ventures online. The Minister also announced the imminent launch of the digital portal for the sale of craftwork. He said the portal, which is going to be the first in Sub-Saharan Africa, will serve as a window to the country’s potentials.

Yesterday’s press conference was to present the certificate of “Highest Appreciation”, awarded to the Cameroon on July 18, 2016 during the Global Economic Forum organised by the United Nations Organisation, in Nairobi, Kenya. The prize is recognition of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Global Entrepreneurship Network of the US State Department.

It ranked Cameroon first, scoring seven on 10 for “” online business registration system that is listed in the Global Enterprise Regulation portal. Cameroon beat 18 other countries to emerge first in the e-registration category, while the Kingdom of Bhutan ranked first in the e-regulation category. In all, 116 countries were evaluated this year. “Cameroon was able in six months to develop and operate an online platform that most countries are unable to,” Minister Etoundi Ngoa said, stating that competence was rewarded.

The ranking was done upon a discreet on-the-spot evaluation and inquiries by agents from the US State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Network in One-Stop Shops for business registration. “” online business registration platform is part of the recommendations of the Cameroon Business Forum that seeks to change the face of the country in business ventures. The system is expected to push the country into a better position in the Doing Business ranking index.