Christopher JATOR | 21-08-2017 15:45



Construction of taxi and bus terminals, planting of flowers and setting up of iron fences along roads at Rond-Point Deido are some embellishments in view.

Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, who was on an official working visit to Douala July 31, 2017, asked the Government Delegate to the Douala City Council (DCC), Fritz Ntone Ntone, to embellish roadsides and protect roads in Deido once construction is over.

The Minister made particular reference to the creation of a market and jobs for those neighbouring Rond Point Deido and adjoining roads as a measure to safeguard the roundabout and surrounding roads. He advised the setting up of iron fences along roadsides to protect the investment (road) from illegal occupation such as by traders when work at the junction is finished, as well as to ensure and maintain the road’s beauty for the next 15 years when the period of guarantee will expire. Although work is still underway at the junction, the Government Delegate was also asked to create many jobs for those neighbouring the road as well as a new market for traders in order to avoid the partial occupation of roads which often leads to their deterioration.

As city dwellers look forward for the construction work to finish in September 19, 2018, the Douala City Council is working to complement the embellishment of the city. Apart from the major construction works by SOGEA SATOM in which 56 per cent has been executed (as at July 31, 2017), Fritz Ntone Ntone revealed that the DCC has engaged the construction of taxi terminals and bus terminals all around the Deido roundabout. Flowers and trees will be planted along the roads to beautify the neighbourhood. “We are constructing a motor park at Grand Hanger to help transport denizens across the Wouri Bridge to Rond Point. In order to ease traffic around Rond Point Deido, we are constructing other roads in the city in order that those coming from Akwa Nord will not have to reach Rond Point,” he noted.