AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 27-11-2017 11:05


They made the plea last Friday in Yaounde during a meeting with the Minister of Public Works.

Traditional rulers of the Bakundu clan in the South West Region have pleaded with the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi to treat the rehabilitation of the Wone-Koba-Ibemi-Mambaba-Mbu-Itoki road as a matter of urgency. The auxiliaries of the administration grouped under the banner of Bakundu Chiefs Conference (BCC) made the call in Yaounde, Friday November 24, 2017.

They were accompanied to last Friday’s meeting by some elites, amongst them the Special Adviser at the Prime Minister’s Office, Bertha Ndoh Bakata and the Member of Parliament for Meme West, Hon Atinda Martin Mboni.

Going by the chiefs, Mbu Bakundu, one of the villages along the stretch of the road in Meme Division will be hosting a three-day Bakundu Congress which begins on January 14, 2017. The congress is expected to bring together thousands of sons and daughters of the clan. As such, the chiefs want speedy rehabilitation works to be carried out on the road so that expected attendees at the Congress will be able to make it through the road which is currently in bad shape.

According to Chief Fredrick Mutanga Elonge of Foe Bakundu, Secretary of BCC, the traditional rulers and people of Bakunda acknowledge the immense efforts made by government to dole out financial resources for the rehabilitation of roads. He said such efforts have been helping to open up their enclave communities.

Besides the plea for the maintenance of the Wone-Koba-Mbu-Itoki road, the chiefs also want the minister to pay attention to others roads in northern Bakundu. They cited the Banga-Bopo-Pete-Marumba-Ekombe Bonji road, Bole-Foe Bakundu road and Bombe Town-Bombe Beach road.

For his part, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi assured the chiefs that their wish will be granted. He said the road is already on the Ministry’s programme. “The feasibility studies have already been done by the Chinese company working on the Kumba-Mamfe road,” he said, noting that their responsibility now is to make it passable. He also disclosed that other rural roads in the area will be considered.