AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 05-12-2017 07:13

 Mixed patrol teams of security officers are committed to ensure that people catch real relaxation without fear of attacks.


Following the recent socio-political unrest in the North West and South West Regions, which affected the routine of residents in the restive areas, security forces are deploying all efforts to ensure that life returns as it was prior to the upheavals.

At least for the city of Bamenda, where Cameroon Tribune has carefully observed, certain relaxation points have returned to 24-hour hotspots thanks to security forces.

On Saturday December 2, 2017 by 9pm, a couple of fair in complexion ladies endowed with all goodness of womanhood walked pass this reporter at the Nkwen neighborhood in Bamenda.

They threw their unfastened backsides left right as they moved into a pub. Just nearby was a bevy of girls, who must have squeezed their undulating hips into some elastic trousers, alighting from a taxi. And a few meters ahead, there were some lads gulping down uncountable bottles of alcohol.

Ruth Tem, a woman roasting fish in the vicinity, said the day was just breaking as is the case almost every day. “People are now going out freely to relax and catch fun, especially on weekends. Stay put and you will see more people coming to this area for leisure. There is no cause for concern,” the vendor insisted, pointing to a Gendarmerie patrol pickup vehicle parked at Foncha Junction.

Ruth Tem said the gendarmes have been doing a great job by making the area safe, thereby spurring people in search of relaxation to come out without fear. “It is good business for us again,” the vendor noted, commending the security forces.

Beside the parked Gendarmerie vehicle, an officer, braving the biting cold, disclosed they were on regular patrol as they watched denizens moved up and down while others were drinking and dancing in the environs. “We are out to protect the population,” the officer said, looking undistracted by the ambiance and enjoyment which enveloped the whole area.

According to the Commander of the North West Gendarmerie Legion, Valery N. M., the region is not a war zone and as such people can go about life normally thanks to the work of security forces.

He said two motorized and two infantry teams patrol the city of Bamenda every night to eliminate threats to the movement and enjoyment of city dwellers. “The city of Bamenda as well as the region has not been militarized,” the Commander of the North West Gendarmerie Legion said. He disclosed that the city of Bamenda has just about 230 gendarmes, a figure he said is below conventional standards.

To Tabufor Mercy Akwa Akana, North West Regional Delegate of Tourism and Leisure, the security forces have been doing a commendable job. “No tourist or leisure seeker has reported harassment as a result of the crisis,” the Regional Delegate said. She confirmed that night clubs are functioning normally while the new trend in town is bar dancing.

By the time this reporter was leaving the scene late Saturday December 2, 2017, leisure seekers were still active as though the day was just beginning, devouring fish, chicken, beef and pork, boozing, dancing and smoking in pubs, while security forces took watch in the cold.