Christopher JATOR | 31-01-2018 15:04

The company now executing the project has a timeframe of eight months to complete the work.

Heaps of gravel, stones and other material were visible on the extended stretch of the Boulevard de la Republique in Akwa Nord of the economic capital. Trucks continue to bring in material for the construction over the week-end although no caterpillars could be seen on the site.

A section of one of the lanes is covered with interlocking road tiles and another with tar. No work is being carried out on the other lane much of which is still bare. About midway the 2,500 metres extended road is a signboard indicating that the company now executing the project is Groupement Jerry/BOFAS Sarl.

The project which is carried out with finance from the Douala City Council might have been ceded from the Military Engineering Corps after delays to meet up with the execution deadline.

Since the signboard was set up a couple of weeks ago, work has steadily been going on—the reason why many inhabitants neighbouring the road are happy. They attribute their happiness to the fact they will soon be free from dust reaching their homes from the road whose construction was once abandoned.

In spite of the fact that it was yet uncompleted motorists frequently used it as a shortcut to reach Bonamoussadi from Akwa lifting dust that swept into their homes.

However, the company that has taken over from the Military Engineering Corps has the task of completing the work within eight months, according to the new timeframe stated on the board. Construction of the stretch was estimated to cost FCFA 7.4 billion, excluding compensation.

It was recommended as a measure to unclog a part of the Douala V Subdivision of traffic congestion. For over four years inhabitants along the project site were evacuated but until date the project which was due for one year is yet under construction.