25 janvier 2017

Nguti: Akime George: Building For Posterity

Régional Fred Vubem TOH | 25-01-2017 14:02   The young business man and politician crossed all bridges over the years to be what he is today. Akime George is a self made man and astute politician who grew up from the ranks having occupied several positions in the CPDM administration. He started politics as early as 1985 when he was elected cell president for Grand Meme. He was elected Development Officer for the YCPDM and later on president of Makata branch in Kumba when Nguti was still under Meme Division. He... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2015

Private Investments:FCFA 123 Billion, Over 5500 Jobs Earmarked

 Victorine BIY NFOR / Cameroon-Tribune   Government signed new agreements with nine businesses in Yaounde on Friday.   Nine private new investors have signed deals with government for the creation of over 5,500 jobs through projects that are evaluated at FCFA 123.9 billion. The agreements were penned by the Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Ernest Gwaboubou and representatives of the nine private companies. The agreements, which are in line with the April 18, 2013 Act on... [Lire la suite]
27 octobre 2015

Quality in Emergency Projects!

Godlove BAINKONG/ Cameroon-Tribune The government of Cameroon appears resolute, more than ever before, to transform the country’s three-year emergency plan prescribed by the Head of State on December 9, 2014 into visible realisations. In fact, from December 2014 when the prescriptions were given to October 15, 2015 when the Head of State galvanised the troops, all in Council of Ministers meetings, movements are visible thereon. In almost all parts of the country, there are moves to give flesh to the plan that touches on urban... [Lire la suite]