08 juin 2015

Defending National Interests

The recent report by French parliamentarians with conspicuously citing Cameroon and Niger certainly targets French interests. There are many Cameroonians who must have been wondering why some Parliamentarians from France took so much interest in the security and stability of Cameroon to the extent of producing a 149-page internal report that filtered to the press with much gleeful usage in the local media. Several analyses and commentaries went wild on the issues raised by the report. However, it is hard to say if any conclusions... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2015

Kumba-Mamfe Road construction kicks off

All things being equal, the tarring of the hitherto nightmarish Kumba-Mamfe road of 151 km in the South West Regions is undergoing construction. The Ministry of Public Works has bent on this project to see that the people of Kumba-Mamfe enjoy economic facilities derived from this road and the population will be spared the annoying insults of leaving Mamfe to Buea via three different regions. The construction work on Kumba-Mamfe road is being carried out by a Chinese Construction Firm with heavy duty machines like bulldozers and... [Lire la suite]