04 décembre 2015

120 Voices To Rewrite Cameroon’s History

 Yaboa Ndula MUNTEH / Cameroon Tribune The testimonies, all recordings from 120 Cameroonians on their stories of German colonial rule of Cameroon, are being finalised in Austria.   Much has been said and written about the evolution of Cameroon during German rule from 1884 to 1916, and later French and Great Britain tutelage. To get the Cameroonian version of modern Cameroon’s birth and evolution from 1884, Foundation AfricAvenir International, a charity that focuses on African reawakening, development, peace... [Lire la suite]

11 août 2015

Security Checks Prompt Rush For ID Cards

Christopher JATOR/Cameroon-Tribune   Other measures like closing bars by 8 pm, avoiding gatherings and roaming at night, are observed. Long queues of people at Police Stations in Douala are unusual. Instead, such queues are often noticed during Public Service competitive entrance examinations, job recruitments or the free issuance of National Identity Cards in preparation for elections. But the situation in Douala is different this time around. People queue up in front of police stations as early as 6 am to acquire National... [Lire la suite]
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08 juin 2015

Defending National Interests

The recent report by French parliamentarians with conspicuously citing Cameroon and Niger certainly targets French interests. There are many Cameroonians who must have been wondering why some Parliamentarians from France took so much interest in the security and stability of Cameroon to the extent of producing a 149-page internal report that filtered to the press with much gleeful usage in the local media. Several analyses and commentaries went wild on the issues raised by the report. However, it is hard to say if any conclusions... [Lire la suite]
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18 avril 2014

Foreigners Rush For Buea English Language Course

Course attestations were handed to students from several African countries over the weekend. As the world fast becomes a global village with rapid technological advancement, it has become imperative for ambitious people to procure bilingual skills in order to meet up with international exigencies. Thus, many non-English-speaking Africans have found Cameroon a safe haven for the learning of English Language skills, given its bilingual status.  It is against this backdrop that nationals from nine African countries, namely Ivory... [Lire la suite]