28 juillet 2016

Interview: “There Is Easy Access To Chinese Investments”

  Victorine BIY NFOR National - Economie  Dr Ariel Ngnitedem (PhD), Economic Scholar and Public Finance Expert, talks on the performance of the Chinese currency, the Yuan.   What do we understand by the interchangeability of the Chinese Yuan and the Central Africa Francs? Simply put, it means that the two currencies can now be interchanged or can be converted into each other. In other words, it means that an owner of CFA francs can convert them into Yuan and an owner of Yuan can convert them into CFA... [Lire la suite]
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08 juin 2015

Lekie Women Celebrate New Infrastructure

Over 1,000 women belonging to the Oyili Bininga Network (RESOBIL) of Women of the Lekie Division, Centre Region, thronged the courtyard of their Agropastoral Complex in Mbele, a village near Obala, on June 6, 2015. Dressed in green “kabas”, they had come to cheer the Senior Divisional Officer for the Lekie, Patrick Simou Kamsu, as he inaugurated a new building hosting the management office and staff canteen in the complex. The event was a highlight of the closing ceremony of RESOBIL’s 10th General Assembly. The new infrastructure... [Lire la suite]
08 juin 2015

Defending National Interests

The recent report by French parliamentarians with conspicuously citing Cameroon and Niger certainly targets French interests. There are many Cameroonians who must have been wondering why some Parliamentarians from France took so much interest in the security and stability of Cameroon to the extent of producing a 149-page internal report that filtered to the press with much gleeful usage in the local media. Several analyses and commentaries went wild on the issues raised by the report. However, it is hard to say if any conclusions... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2015

Infrastructure Development: Cameroon Taps From Turkish Experience

The first Forum for Turkish Construction Companies opened in Yaounde yesterday May 12, 2015. Some 45 corporate companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and independent investors specialised in infrastructure development in the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, CEMAC, are on the starting block for B2B contacts with prominent Turkish construction and contracting companies in Yaounde for the pioneer forum for Turkish construction companies that opened in Yaounde yesterday May 12, 2015. The venue is the Turcam... [Lire la suite]