25 août 2015

Enseignement secondaire: 84 nouveaux établissements créés

  Elise ZIEMINE /Cameroon-Tribune Le décret du Premier ministre, datant du 20 août dernier, a également transformé 89 établissements du secondaire général et technique en lycées et lycées bilingues. 48 nouveaux collèges d’enseignement général (CES) créés dans les dix régions du pays. 36 collèges d’enseignement secondaire technique, industriel et commercial sortis des fonds baptismaux. Le décret du Premier ministre, chef du gouvernement, Philemon Yang, du 20 août dernier injecte du sang neuf dans l’enseignement... [Lire la suite]

14 août 2015

Interview: “Gov’t Has Invested Over FCFA 30 Billion In Bakassi”

Georges Mbella/Cameroon Tribune -   Ndoh Bertha Bakata, Chairperson of the Coordination and Follow-up Committee on the Implementation of Priority Projects in the Bakassi Zone. On August 14, 2008, the Bakassi Peninsula was handed over to Cameroon by Nigeria. What are your memories of that event? It was a very important event, especially for Cameroon, because the handover made the peninsula to belong to Cameroon completely. Today, the people there feel they are Cameroonian. A delegation of our Committee travelled to Bakassi... [Lire la suite]
22 juin 2015

Congo Basin Gets Reference Agric Research Institute in Yaounde

The institute was inaugurated in Yaounde on June 20, 2015. The campus of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA, last Friday witnessed an unprecedented crowd on the occasion of what actors described as a wedding between the research institute and the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA. In effect, it was the signing by IITA and UCLA of an agreement to set the ball rolling for a regional research institute. The Congo Basin Institute, as it is called, CBI, was launched in Yaounde, on June 20, 2015... [Lire la suite]
05 décembre 2014

Bakassi: From Uncertainty To Optimism

With impressive achievements and reinforced security, things will never be the same again in the peninsula. The future is studded with promising signals when one visits Bakassi, a peninsula with immense natural resources. For one week, Cameroon Tribune crisscrossed the length and breadth of the zone, and had an on-the-spot appraisal of the commendable infrastructural strides so far executed by the State. We observed that government's investments cover some 18 ministries, with the lion's share going to Defense, Security,... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2014

Duala Vernacular School Resume

Princess Clarisse Douala Bell presided at the opening of a two-month course at the Bell Township Palace in Douala on July 1, 2014. Studies have proven that mother tongue has been relegated to the rear by most youth in favour of foreign languages which has negatively played on the nation’s cultural identity. The government in 2009 recommended the teaching of vernaculars in schools but most schools did not take it seriously. In order to give Duala dialect the importance it deserves, Princess Clarisse Douala Bell and the Queen Mother... [Lire la suite]