04 décembre 2015

120 Voices To Rewrite Cameroon’s History

 Yaboa Ndula MUNTEH / Cameroon Tribune The testimonies, all recordings from 120 Cameroonians on their stories of German colonial rule of Cameroon, are being finalised in Austria.   Much has been said and written about the evolution of Cameroon during German rule from 1884 to 1916, and later French and Great Britain tutelage. To get the Cameroonian version of modern Cameroon’s birth and evolution from 1884, Foundation AfricAvenir International, a charity that focuses on African reawakening, development, peace... [Lire la suite]

08 juin 2015

1990 World Cup Lions: What Has Become Of Them?

All have retired from football, with many now doing something else to make a living. Joseph Antoine Bell, the expert Bell was tipped to play the 1990 world cup but was put aside at the very last minute owing to his activism over players’ bonuses. Though sidelined in favour of Thomas Nkono, he stayed with the rest of the team in Italy until after the heroic expedition. He was however selected for the squad for the 1994 FIFA World Cup where he eventually made his debut, playing in two of Cameroon's group matches. After quitting... [Lire la suite]