CHOVES Loh | 21-03-2017 17:28



Traditional parade for peace was prominent at Bambalang Cultural Festival presided at by Arts and Culture Minister on March 18, 2017.

The 8th edition of the Mbaw  Yakum cultural festival  (sha'atang) featured the Minister of Arts and Culture,  Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi  who saluted potentials that can help Mbaw Yakum people emerge as leaders in the use of ecotourism for development. Presiding at the event in Bambalang on March 18, 2017, the Minister cheered Mbaw Yakum for celebrating ancestral values. He was impressed by the positive spirit of Bambalang people and their commitment to stand by customs, traditions and equally turn their culture into wealth without compromising the future. It was against this background that Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi said the government decided to support the good initiative with funds for the renovation of the Bambalang Royal Museum.

On the spot, the Minister inaugurated the Bambalang multicultural hall and went cheering swimming competition, canoe race and diving competition at the ‘lah  puah’ eco-tourism site. It was a rare moment for His Majesty  Kevin Shomitang II of Bambalang to celebrate not only the Mbaw Yakum culture but also Minister Narcisse  Mouelle Kombi whom he said has demonstrated readiness to valorize  and preserve the artistic and cultural values of Cameroon. Fon Shomitang II said ‘Sha'atang’ offered a moment for the highest authority of Bambalang land ‘kueifuong’, to harvest ancestral blessing of fertility, peace, growth and prosperity which are eventually shared in various avenues. It was also a moment to appeal for the equipment of the Mbaw Yakum cultural hall, support for the renovation of the palace and towards a tourist museum at lah puah eco-tourism site.

Curtains dropped on the festival with public manifestation which showcased Bambalang customs and traditions. The lots included masquerades, Njoungou, Ngumi -Mbaghsing, Ngo'oh,  Timishong, mbeimbei etc. The festival also remembered ancestors like Nchetuon, Kwotong, Mbientaw I, Tancho'ula'ah, lefouh, Shomitang Fon I , Wanuipah, Mborongum II, Mingo Ghogomo, Fosi Yakum Ntaw. Other attractions featured amongst others an impressive traditional parade for peace staged by youths.