Peter Efande in Barombi Mbo on assignment National Economie


The cocoa farmer, aged 23, employs 5 and pays each FCFA 20.000 a month.

Danya Romanus Dambi, 23, of Ambombo-Widikum origin in the North West Region and resident in Kumba I Sub-Division in the South West Region, cannot regret investing in agriculture  which, to him, "is a sustainable activity that can keep life going."

CT gathered that Romanus Dambi started fending for himself after his primary school education. He eked a living in electrical works with friends in their workshops. Unfortunately, he discovered that he could not make up to FCFA 2000 a day for three years of continuous working. He could not even put on the table two or three square meals a day. He told CT that one fortunate Friday, a friend who is a cocoa farmer in Mbonge Sub-Division, invited him to his farm during cocoa harvesting. And it was from there that he was inspired and advised to join them in farm work because the soil never fails.

“It was from this backdrop that I realized that I had wasted my time virtually doing nothing in electrical works,” the young farmer revealed. He successfully got a virgin plot in Barombi Mbo, which is fertile for cocoa cultivation. He got the piece of land and he paid FCFA 700,000 thanks to a loan from his village meeting. He purchased the land in 2008, planted cocoa and palms and he is already harvesting both cash crops.

He has divided the 6 hectares of land, according to him, into two sectors, 3 hectares for cocoa and 3 for palms. He told CT that in 2016, the palm sector produced over 7 tons of red oil; he sold a tin of oil for FCFA 9000. During the rainy season, the price of a tin of palm oil will rise to FCFA 12.000.

He has 5 permanent workers in the farm, pays each FCFA 20.000 a month. “I enjoy farm work.The Head of State said in his message to the youths that the soil can never fail you. And at any time that I go to my farm, I must come back with at least a bunch of plantains or a bag of  cocoyams to my house, Reasons why I am encouraging  other youths because l am blessed  with this agricultural activity.”

Thanks to his farming activity, he now has a motor bike. And, by June 2016, he will get married and  his wife will be in partnership with him in his farming business.