Elizabeth Makwang Mofor, founder of Living Alternatives for the Ageing, LAFTA, talks on her organisation's assistance to the old and the challenges of ageing.


What was special about LAFTA’s recent third quarterly sensitisation seminar in Bamenda?

Perhaps, we should rejoice that LAFTA continues to convince very credible organisations to join it in improving the living conditions of the ageing and those on retirement.  This is consoling and motivating. It is against this backdrop that we organised the third quarterly sensitisation seminar at the LAFTA headquarters in Bamenda.

What are the daily worries of elderly people in Cameroon today?

The daily worries of most elderly persons centre on health because their memories begin to fail. Thus, the possibility of doing many things reduces, the immune system gets weaker and a lot of other things go wrong. It should be everybody’s concern because by God’s grace, we are expected to grow old. Remember that even a year-old child is an ageing person.

What are the terms of the agreement between LAFTA and the National Social Insurance Fund aimed at supporting elderly persons?

There is a lot in the package. In effect, the National Social Insurance Fund is very supportive because it is very concerned about the well being of retired people.



How far have you gone with the construction of the LAFTA Elderly People’s Home in Bamenda?

For now, we are focused on sensitisation and we are happy about it. The elderly people’s home is a very rich project for society. The structure will be adapted to cover all the privileges society can offer the elderly as a way of showing gratitude to people who made all of us what we are today. We need to respect and support them to keep their dignity. The elderly people’s home will surely be constructed and we are currently talking to some very interested partners.

A word for LAFTA partners like African Synergy Against Aids and Suffering?

Our partners have much good judgement. They are good examples to us and all other organisations. I congratulate African Synergy Against Aids and Suffering and the General Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund, CNPS, for their brilliant decisions to partner with LAFTA. We are all soldiers for the same cause and I think that is why they did not hesitate once they discovered that LAFTA was at the service of people who need love, care and kindness.